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Ibrahim (Abe) Baggili PhD, is an internationally renowned educator and researcher in cyber security, and more specifically cyber forensics. He is the former editor-in-chief of the Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law (JDFSL). He has authored many peer reviewed papers, edited books, and chaired international conferences, and has spoken at a number of conferences in countries around the world. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets in over 20 languages. Abe has also scored millions of dollars in external funding from a variety of agencies. 


Abe currently holds the rank of Professor of Computer Science at the University of New Haven. He also leads the University of New Haven's Cyber Forensics Research and Education Group (UNHcFREG). Abe also is the founding director of the Connecticut Institute of Technology.


Abe was born in Amman Jordan to his parents Moussa Baggili and Rebecca Melikian. So basically, he is a mutt - of both Jordanian / Armenian descent. Abe was raised in the United Arab Emirates and then moved to the USA to pursue his education at Purdue University. After finishing all his degrees at Purdue he went back to the United Arab Emirates and worked at Zayed University where he established and led the development of the first cyber forensics research laboratory in the Arab World. 


Abe is married to his wonderful smart wife Meghan Baggili who was born and raised in Kentuckyiana - Rockport Indiana, which borders Kentucky. He still does not understand how she stands to be with him everyday. Together, they have raised fine cats and are raising possibly the future presidents of the USA?, or future musicians? comedians? artists? scientists? 


Abe does not usually talk about himself in third person.


Abe's firsts

(To be frank, I borrowed this idea from the renowned Eugene Spafford)


  • Abe scored the largest NSF grant in UNewHaven's history

  • Abe scored the first SFS CyberCorps grant in CT

  • Abe helped make UNewHaven the first CAE-CO school in the state of CT

  • Abe was Professor Marc Roger's first PhD advisee to graduate under his guidance

  • Abe was the first to film the unboxing of digital forensic equipment using Google Glass and a GoPro - (Honestly, who does that?)

  • Abe was the first to graduate with a PhD focusing in cyber forensics from Purdue's college of technology

  • Abe was the first arab to pursue a PhD in cyber forensics

  • Abe was the first person to establish a cyber forensics research laboratory in the Arab World at Zayed University

  • Abe introduced the first Small Scale Digital Device Forensics course in the Arab World at Zayed University

  • Abe created the first mobile client-server system for diabetes management called DEMS (Diabetic e-Management System), under the guidance of Kyle Lutes at Purdue University

  • Abe was the first to attempt authorship attribution of SMS massages for digital forensic purposes with Marcus Rogers and Ashwin Mohan

  • Abe was the first to perform Xbox One forensics with his students Jason Moore and Armindo Rodriguez

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